Published: Oct, 14 2019

It’s October, which means flu season is in full swing. One of the most important ways for you and your family to make it through this flu season is by getting vaccinated.  Here’s why:   Getting the flu can potentially be a serious thing sometimes leading to hospitalization and even death. It is important to […]

Published: Jun, 24 2019

Maintaining a healthy body starts with what you put in it. However, it is much easier to say that you’re going to stick to lean proteins, healthy plant-based fats, and fresh fruits and vegetables than it is to do it consistently. All too often, we’re derailed by cravings for unhealthy foods, especially sugar. Too much […]

Published: Jun, 07 2019

Whether you’re a college student heading into finals, a high school student preparing for AP exams or the SAT, or an adult pursuing a new course of study, knowing that you have a test looming can be stressful. You may already be aware that getting the right amount of sleep is critical to making sure […]

Published: May, 15 2019

Scoliosis, an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine, is a spinal condition most often diagnosed between ages 10 and 15.

Published: Nov, 28 2017

Antibiotics and other antimicrobial drugs have been literal life savers, transforming the practice of medicine since their discovery.

Published: Nov, 25 2017

“The ‘clever gut diet’ basically is what I describe as a Mediterranean-style diet,” Dr. Michael Mosley, author of “The Clever Gut Diet: How to Revolutionize Your Body From the Inside Out,” told ABC News.

Published: Sep, 26 2017

(Reuters Health) – Heart attacks spiked in Christchurch, New Zealand in the areas struck hardest by a set of 2010 and 2011 earthquakes during the year after the tremblers, a new study shows. Middle-aged and older residents of the areas with the most property damage suffered 25 percent more cardiovascular-related deaths than their neighbors in […]

Published: Sep, 26 2017

Drug developer Axovant Sciences Ltd said it would stop testing its lead drug in the treatment of Alzheimer’s after it failed to meet the main goals of a late-stage trial.

Published: Sep, 26 2017

Middle-aged women are prescribed more opioids than any other group — twice as many as middle-aged men — making them particularly vulnerable to opioid abuse, according to a new report released today. The report, which looked at data from 600 private hospitals and more than 78,000 patients, sheds new light on those most affected by […]

Published: Sep, 25 2017

Only one thing is certain for insurance shoppers if the latest attempt to replace former President Barack Obama’s health care law succeeds: Uncertainty.

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