5 Hacks to Get Your Kitchen Organized

Published: Mar, 31 2020

With so many supplies and tools, the kitchen is often one of the hardest rooms of the house to keep organized. You might tidy it up, only to find a few days later that it’s back to being a mess. Try these few tricks to make sure you know exactly where your kitchen tools are whenever you need them.


Use a Small, Round Rail to Hang Cleaning Supplies

You can easily install a small rail in the cupboard beneath your sink to neatly hang your cleaning supplies by their handles. This allows you to free up floor space to store extra supplies, but more importantly, to keep the ones you do have more organized. You’ll be able to easily find the go-to products you need, when you need them. Many rails are available off of Amazon, such as these.

Hang Your Pots and Pans

Pots and pans can be difficult to store because of their long handles. One way to make storage easier is by hanging them. This can be an easy DIY; buy command strips, making sure to get a large enough size, and organize them on the side of cabinets or the fridge; wherever you have space. Add some decorations like flowers or vines for an extra cute touch. If you’re looking for a bigger project, you can create your own hanging pot rack. This will involve more materials and more work, so make sure you really want to tackle this project. There are great tutorials on YouTube to follow, such as this one from Home Depot.

Use a Magazine Rack to Store Pot Lids

We’ve already talked about pots and pans, but pot lids are one of the hardest things to keep organized. Usually they end up getting thrown into a cabinet with no exact location to be. Try using a small magazine rack hung to the back of a cabinet for an easy solution to store lids. Check the dimensions before buying to make sure they fit your space.

Turn the Backs of Cabinets into Organization Drawers

Often, it seems as though papers in the kitchen stack up higher and higher until you can’t find your weekly grocery list or your child’s permission slip when you need them. One easy way to fix this is to create an organization drawer. Your mind might jump to “junk drawer”, but we recommend creating a locker storage system on the inside of your cupboard door. Buy some adhesive pockets or locker organizers for a place to store recipes, pens, pencils, grocery lists, etc.

Use Canisters to Hold Staple Items

If you need counter and pantry space but you don’t want things cluttering your counters, try storing staples such as sugar, flour, chocolate chips, or candy in matching clear canisters. These are very easy to find online and they look much more sleek than mismatched packaging. Check out these clear, matte black, and white options from Amazon.

These kitchen hacks are the perfect way to step up your spring cleaning. A few small changes can really make a difference when it comes to organization. Just remember to stick to a system and you’ll keep your kitchen organized like never before!