Top Status Symbols for Women Over 40

Published: Jul, 24 2017

When a woman has reached a certain level of financial success, she has the freedom to indulge her tastes for quality and beauty. This level of success, not coincidentally, tends to arrive when she has reached her forties, after years of hard work. Having the material rewards for that hard work can affect how she is perceived in the world, which is why women often choose well-known status symbols that outwardly convey success. How is the modern woman likely to express her personal taste when she has the means to reach for the finer things in life?

Designer handbags: Practically every woman carries some kind of purse on a daily basis. But the difference between a cheap department-store bag and a designer handbag such as a Birkin or a Neverfull is like the difference between a Ford Fiesta and a Tesla. Both get the job done, but who wouldn’t want the superior workmanship and style of the latter? Bags from companies like Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton instantly send a message that their wearers know quality when they see it.

Jewelry: Whether she prefers a diamond tennis bracelet, a tanzanite ring, or a strand of perfectly matched pearls, the ways a woman can convey her personality through fine jewelry are endless. And nothing matches the luster of precious metals and the sparkle of genuine gemstones.

Top Status Symbols for Women Over 40 Jewelry

Designer clothing: Superior fit, high-end materials, and cutting-edge designs are the reasons why women of means prefer designer fashion. There really is a difference between the real deal and the knockoffs that find their way into mass-market stores, and discriminating women won’t settle for less than the best.

Luxury watches: Again, a Timex might get the job done, but a Rolex not only keeps the time with pinpoint precision, it also lends timeless sophistication to its wearer. With many styles of luxury watches on the market, from the classically understated to elaborately bejeweled, women often choose to have multiple high-end watches so they can choose the perfect one to add a perfect finishing touch to any ensemble.

Top Status Symbols for Women Over 40 Fine Art

Fine art: Collecting fine art has long been a pastime of those of means. Women purchase art not only for its aesthetic appeal, but also for its investment potential. Today’s emerging artist may well be tomorrow’s Dali, Chagall, or Picasso. In the meantime, their work is a source of pleasure and a way to give a home unique flair.

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