3 Classic Ways to Style your Valentine’s Day Outfit

Published: Feb, 14 2018

It’s that time of the year again — a time to celebrate the love that you and another share with gifts, a romantic dinner, and hopefully, a memorable outfit. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for buying that new piece of gold jewelry you’ve had your eye. Or if your lucky, your closet may already have that essential clothing garment to help you look flawless on this special day.

Here are a few different ideas to help you look classy, with a little bit of edge this Valentine’s Day:

1. Tights:

If you’re going out for the best fine dining in your area, it’s good to consider the weather. A February Winter night might mean it will be a little chilly. That black dress in your closet, you might think, just won’t cut it. But it will! Pair one of your favorite dresses with black, nylon tights and a matching pair of black booties for a classic and thoughtful look. If you want to glow, add a pair of simple gold hoops to complete the look. This way you’ll stay warm and cozy all while looking great.

(Hue Fleeced Lined Tights founds at Macy’s)

2. Red:

Have you heard that men love women in red? According to a psychological study done at University of Rochester, the color red makes men feel more attracted to women. If you want to look festive yet classic this Valentine’s Day, pair a red, silk button up blouse with a pair of black slacks or jeans. If silks not your thing, throw on a red cashmere sweater and a standard pair of heels to complete both looks.


(Rag & Bone Red Silk Blouse found at Neiman Marcus)


If you want to go for a simplistic, yet stylish look, holding a small clutch without a strap will instantly do that. Match a casual black blouse and jeans outfit with a small, patterned clutch to add a pop of color to your Valentines Day outfit. If you want to accessorize, you can never go wrong with a simple, pearl necklace to complete the look.

(Steve Madden Zada Clutch found at Zappos)

Whether it be a night out with your significant other, or a first-time date with someone you’ve never met, these 3 styling tips will help you keep it classy, sexy and celebratory this Valentine’s Day.